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The original and authentic Bear Chairs are made since 1987 in Ontario, Canada. The Bear Chair Company is the eldest and best-known factory of these type of furniture with a large collection of different chairs, benches, tables and accessories. The founder Dave Wright managed to restyle a traditional Muskoka or Adirondack chair. That’s why Original Bear Chairs are quite unique and extremely comfortable. The secret is in the comfort slat at the bottom of the back part and the connection between the seat and the back. Moreover the back is curved and the seat slightly bended in order to fit the curves of a body to the optimum. Muskoka and Adirondack chairs have traditionally straight backs and seats which makes seating not quite easy.
Bear Chairs are made of Western Red Cedar. A very weather resistant kind of wood. In Canada houses are built of red cedar including the rooftops. The wood contains a very high content of oily substances which makes it durable, sound and stable. Cedar is remarkably light in weight. As a result you can easily lift, push and move your Bear Chair. Western Red Cedar comes from plantation on the west coast of Canada. For every tree cut, twenty five seedlings are planted.
Since 1985 Bear Chairs are imported and distributed in Europe by Bear Chair Europe (see Contact).

They are high-quality products, made from superior Canadian wood, based on an original Canadian design by expert Canadian craftsmen. Like other well-known Canadian top brands of 'outdoor' products (www.canadagoose.com / www.herschel.com and www.mec.ca), we are proud to represent Canada on the European markets.

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It is obvious that the shipping costs of your order depends on the number of articles that you have purchased. Upon receipt of your order confirmation we will reconfirm promptly. Next you will receive an invoice by email with the amount due. As soon as we have received your bank transfer we will immediately we ship your order. Discounts apply for sets and larger orders.