Beer Dispensers

Beer Dispensers

Beer is best served among friends. Always a feast when full glasses come on the table. Sociability, camaraderie and ‘Cheers’ that makes the atmosphere joyful and friendly. Our Triton beer dispensers give an extra dimension to such moments. At once you have 3, 4 or 5 litres of ice-cooled beer on the table and everyone can fill his own glass. And again … or another two, three.
The dispensers are easily movable on the table or out on the terrace and are a central point of interest for a group of friends or customers. From a commercial perspective, the Triton dispensers increase the turnover of the beverage and free up personnel for other tasks. Moreover, such a beer column attracts attention and is an excellent advertising medium. All dispensers are designed for professional use with food-safe, impact-resistant plastic suitable for cleaning in a dishwasher. Cooling elements included.

  • Triton 5L Classic Dispenser


    Triton 5L Classic Dispenser

  • Triton 3L Promo Dispenser


    Triton 3L Promo Dispenser

  • Triton 3L Cooling block


    Triton 3L Cooling block